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About UniHomes

UniHomes is a West Australian Home building company committed to outstanding individual design and quality construction at an affordable price. Allan Habibi is the director of UniHomes Pty Ltd. Allan qualified as an architectural engineer from Tehran University in 1974, starting his work as an architect concentrating on large residential and commercial developments.

Following years of experience in project management and building in Europe, the United States and Australia, UniHomes was founded by Allan Habibi and his wife Faith in the early 1990’s. Allan’s local experience in Perth before starting this company included extensive project management/supervision and building of homes, and research at the university of Western Australia. Allan brings his extensive and widespread expertise in the areas of architecture, building engineering, supervision and project management into every home he builds for UniHomes. No two projects have ever been the same, as no two clients are the same.

Allan personally consults each client, focusing in on their specific requirements and needs. Pre-building consultation includes office visits, site visits, and several early stages of planning and sketching with the client. Following this is the design stage carried out by Allan and his draftspersons in consultation with the client and finally, Allan supervises to completion every home he builds. Modern homes with an old fashioned service.

It is not only this expertise that brings the level of excellence expected from UniHomes. Allan has a reputation in the industry for his level of attention for detail and perfection, as well as genuine care for the client’s needs. This excellence of personal service is possible because UniHomes has been kept at a boutique size, opting for consistent excellence in a smaller number of houses rather than expansion and task delegation over a large number of houses. With this unique philosophy, UniHomes has achieved a consistent turnover of excellent individual homes (and appreciative clients) over many years as a builder in Perth, Western Australia. 

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