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Heritage Renovation 

This old heritage property in Subiaco was in very poor shape. We had the challenge of refreshing and enhancing its old character and charm, whilst creating a modern finish for a specialised dental practice. Tuckpointing was done on external brickwork, which along with new ceilings and timber framework to the front entry created a charming and welcoming environment. The reception space was a challenge and too small for the practice’s needs. We created a secret entry to the reception desk from a cladded timber wall that also acts as double doors allowing passage of staff into a central admin and meeting room. The rounded curves of the reception space to the left of entry guides the visitor to a welcoming patient lounge. Looking forward, the old world charm of a narrow hallway is enhanced by tall archways and plaster features. Each surgery was reinforced in the building foundations, and lintels were added to support higher doors and partitions, creating a spacious feel in limited space. Elegant modern finishes were created with a combination of timber, veneer and composite stones. The client’s needs were met by creating multifunctional and specialised spaces that are private but flowing effortlessly into each other. Challenges for storage were met by clever use of every centimetre in this building. A beautiful combination of modern finish and old world character was achieved, creating a welcoming, confident and professional space for patients.